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Kind Words

I love Pilates because it has made my core strength and back strength so much stronger which is so important for me as a ballet dancer. My posture and flexibility are better too, and the exercises you've taught me in your tower and mat classes and in your Injury Prevention Workshop are helping me with my technique, flexibility, strength, and turnout in ballet. I love your classes and your beautiful studio. Thank you! -Dagny Blackburn


I have been doing Pilates with Natasha for several years and am constantly amazed at her caring, her personal attention and her knowledge of the physiology. She knows what I need for strengthening, but never pushes to the point that might cause pain. She adapts the workout routine to my own needs, I've experienced her large mat classes and her ability to lead the classes is exceptional. I have had Pilates classes in other places and I believe Natasha is the best instructor I've seen- I have a basis for comparison. Natasha's Pilates keeps me healthy and feeling very good and I am over 70 years old. -Winifred Wilhelm


After a high school and college athletic career, I was looking for some type of exercise that was able to challenge me but also help rebuild the muscles I had damaged. Pilates appealed to both the athlete and dancer in me with its fluid movement and precise exercises. The Pilates Institute demonstrates that Pilates is not a one size fits all type of exercise. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a novice to personal fitness, Pilates has a starting point that is suitable for everyone. Pilates also opened a new door for my family, Pilates was a healthy way for us to spend time together. Now many of our holidays and vacations include a fun Pilates workout together! One of things I love most about the Pilates institute is the diversity of challenging exercises within each class. As your strength and confidence grows you are exposed to new exercises further developing your Pilates experience.
-Marissa Ainsworth


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